Mythology is, at its core, about explaining the World around us and our place within it. Every story has deeper meaning, and this symbolism is what makes the stories of mythology universal. They are what allows us to know, understand, and empathize with these many cultures. We cannot claim to understand the life of a 3rd Century B.C. Egyptian farmer, but through the story of Sobek, we know he would see crocodiles are powerful protectors of the Nile. Through the struggle of Atum Re and Apophis, that the Sun's disappearance every night is a source of incertitude and anxiety. Through the myth of Osiris, that the death and renewal of the crops is a miracle without which all of human society would crumble and falter.

This setting attempts to bring these stories, this symbolism and this understanding to the modern World, to connect these ancient stories to the modern World. As such, it is important for these stories to be grounded in these themes. This page is intended to give a basic understanding of how to do so.

The types of stories will be categorized using the actors of that story, and the role of these actors.

The Actors

  • Gods: The Gods represent Civilization, and an ordered World in which Man dominates Nature.
  • Titans: Titans represent the primal natural Order, hostile to human life.
  • Mythborn: The Mythborn represent the strange, foreign, and unknown paths at the margin of human civilization, a link between the human and supernatural worlds.
  • Humans: They are us, unsure, flawed, unpredictable beings.
  • Godborn: Half God half Man, they can fill the role of either. As such, GMs of Godborn groups can draw from any of their stories.

Actor Conflicts

Human - God

This represents Man trying to struggle against the established order of the Gods. It rarely goes well. These stories are to remind Man of his limits and his place in the Universe.

Mythological Example
Icarus flying too close to the Sun, Bellerophon attempting to fly up Olympus, or Maui attempting to make humanity immortal.

Real life example
Humans trying to achieve immortality, through a legacy, by being famous or marking history forever.

Plot Hook
A group of Enlightened prepares a heist to steal a relic from the Gods.

Human - Mythborn

This represents the fact that the World remains full of mysteries, and on the fringes of humanity lies a hidden, powerful world, which man must seek to live at peace with.

Mythological Example
Fey stealing babies in the night and replacing them with Changelings.

Real life example
witnessing the non-human beauty of a waterfall, or feeling lost in a forest.

Plot Hook
A group of Godborn attempt to gain the favor of the Dragons of the Jade Sea.

Human - Titan

This represents the true powerlessness of humanity against the impossibly vast and hostile World. All man can hope for is to survive it unscathed.

Mythological Example
Odysseus taking ten years to get back to his home, constantly thwarted by the raging Sea.

Real life example
Polar expeditions which can only hope to survive the journey.

Plot Hook
A group of Demigods find themselves stranded in Muspelheim and must escape back to the World.

God - Titan

This represents the conflict between the wild natural order that came before and the civilized world that followed. Elemental forces being brought down and tamed by the march of progress.

Mythological Example
Kronus castrating Ouranos, Ymir being torn apart by Vili, Ve and Odin.

Real life example
The invention of ships allowing Man to use the sea for travel.

Plot Hook
A group of Gods set off to capture and imprison Nott.

God - Mythborn

This represents the fact that civilization can only be achieved through a relationship with the world around us.

Mythological Example
The Dwarves forging Thor's hammer Mjölnir, the Dragons helping the Celestial Bureaucracy carve the mountains and valleys of China

Real life example
Building houses using fallen trees, healing using natural remedies.

Plot Hook
The Theoi attempt to gain the favor of Titania in order to allow their Godborns travel through the Summer Court's passages throughout the World.