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Nanna, wife of Baldur, was the Norse Goddess of the Moon.

She was an old Vanir Goddess who used Astromancy to reveal that her true love Baldur would appear in the Aesir. When she met the young God, both fell madly in love and had a beautiful and radiant relationship.
After the death of Baldur, she was driven mad by despair and grief. She made a powerful deal with Selene in order to change Fate and allow him to be resurrected. As her husband's death was almost Fatelocked, the amount of power she needed for the ritual turned her into a mindless titanspawn of the Moon as Madness. She sadly has no remembering of her previous life, to the great grief of her former husband. But some say a part of her still remains as, despite her illogical and lunatic ways, she serves the cause of the Gods.