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Neighboring the Celestial Bureaucracy's Di Yu is Naraka, the realm of Yama and Underworld of the Deva.

Naraka is extremely specifically stratified in a multiplicity of layers, punishing sinning Souls and organising the great process of Reincarnation. Yama himself presides over the judgment of Souls from his capital of Pitrloka. The virtuous are sent above to the Devaloka, while sinners are sent to one of the layers of Naraka. However, Souls do not remain there forever. Those in the Devaloka learn from the Deva and their enlightened servants and allies, while those in the realms of Naraka are punished for their bad karma. The very best of Souls join Vishnu in Vaikunta, while the very worse are sent into Tartarus, deprived of any chance of rebirth.

After a time - months, years, of millenia depending on the Soul - these Souls are reincarnated, to try again to rise up to higher and higher realms. Due to the severity of the reincarnation process, the Souls which rise to the higher of the Devaloka are rare, but become exceedingly righteous and powerful.

The transport of Souls back and forth between Naraka and the World is performed by Yama's Psychopomp servants, the Yama-dhutas and Yama-purushas (who are also in charge of punishing sinning Souls), all centering around Yama's judgment. A precious few Souls are so righteous - or die in such holy places - that they travel straight to the Devaloka, bypassing the terrible judgment of Yama.

  • The highest of the Hells is Put, where the childless are sent. Family and duty are vital to the Hindu way of life, and so Put is a place where these Souls are made to wait and reflect on their actions - though there is no further punishment administered there.
  • Then lies Avichi, which is the "waiting room" of Naraka, where Souls which have committed only small sins, or already paid for their greater ones, patiently await their reincarnation.
  • Under it is Samhata, a realm mostly populated with Titanspawn of Styx and Thanatos, friendly to the Gods. Souls are still not punished there directly, but live in constant unease and fear, surrounded by strange monsters, abandoned by the Gods. The purpose of this realm is to show the guilty Souls the true need for Karma and the Gods by giving them a view of a realm without them.
  • The true torment starts in Tamisra, a realm delving in the depths of Patala, a dark place where Souls are left to be terrified, lost and alone.
  • Rijisha comes next, and with it the tortures applied by Yama's servants become increasingly excruciating.
  • In Kudmala, the worst of the worst are punished relentlessly in every manner imaginable. Yet, they harbor a glimer of hope as they ultimately will be reincarnated.
  • Some Souls are so wicked as to be beyond any hope of reincarnation. These are sent to Kakola, the Deva's name for Tartarus. All hope for them is extinguished, as they are left to regret their sinful actions for all of eternity.

Because of its many strata, Naraka goes deeper in the depths of Sheol than other Underworlds. As such, right below the lowest levels of Naraka lies Abzu's Abyss itself. Thankfully, Abzu is relatively neutral towards the Gods nowadays. Yet the Souls tortured within these realms always feel the cold breath of the Abyss of their neck, always aware how close they are to utter oblivion.