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Created by Atum Re and now led by Horus from the Godrealm of Aunu, the Neter are the Egyptian Gods. They are among the oldest deities, their history spanning over 5,000 years. Through its great age, this pantheon has endured countless cultural, mythic, and physical changes along with the World's very structure and the history of Duat is a fine example of it. Among all their divine brethren from every cultures, the Neter was the only pantheon not to own any Underworld until the Second Titanomachy, the death of Osiris and Ammit's arrival. In these ancient times, egyptian souls were driven to Aunu through a perilous path.

As a pantheon, the Neter defends the ideal of Ma'at, where Justice is brought through social Order and Law. Hierarchy is the most dominant feature of this pantheon. The egyptian Gods believe a good society builds good people and therefore everyone must know their place within society and each function must be filled with the right person.

Despite what appearances suggest, the Neter are no Titans. They believe in a higher form of natural order resulting from the fight between Order and Chaos and through laws they make sure this fight keeps going. Thoth is the overseer of this concept and will always ensure none of the sides take a durable advantage over the other.

They are righteous Gods and negociating with them can be frustrating at times. However, they can make alliances with anybody as long as it doesn't jeopardize their social order nor put them in ambiguous positions, publicly that is. Hence why it is easy for the other pantheons to see the Neter as an assembly of conservative snobs. But the Neter does not care about the view of others. Only counts a long lasting order. And History forces everyone to reckon the Neter has become a master in this particular matter.

Their righteous and secretive nature makes them fond of all kinds of rituals, whose goals and meanings are kept secret to every foreigners. This behaviour is the source of all the mysteries surrounding the pantheon and lands of Egypt. One must earn the graces of the Neter in order to understand the complex liturgies of their priests and only begin to fathom the ambitions of the Gods they serve. The best example is the Heku, magic of words, discovered by Isis who keeps its deepest arcanes a secret, even for her brethren.

This dedication to social order of theirs, despite giving the Neter a long lasting society, is fortunately not a fanatic dogma, although it looks like one. Their quest of the perfectly ordered society does not prevent them from getting their hands dirty when it is needed, in a given measure of course and as long as this serves the objective to add some more order. This is why they became the main rival of the Orisha over Africa and sided briefly with the Theoi during the Civil War in order to stop the frenetic expansion of the african Gods over the World.


Members of the Neter

First Generation (~3500 BC to ~3100 BC)

  • Atum Re: God of the Sun
  • Bastet: Keeper of Secrets
  • Hathor: Goddess of Love, Fertility and Motherhood
  • Ptah: God of Artistry
  • Sobek: God of Water and Retribution

Second Generation (~3100 BC to ~1200 BC)

  • Geb: God of the Earth
  • Isis: Goddess of Magic, Inventor of Heku
  • Osiris: God of Death and Lord of the Underworld
  • Set: God of Sky and Guardian of the Desert
  • Sekhmet: Goddess of War

Third Generation (~1200 BC to ~700 BC)

  • Anubis: God of Death and Judge of the Underworld
  • Horus: God of Justice
  • Thoth: God of Knowledge

Fourth Generation (700 BC to Today)

Gods from the Legends Timeline

Lost Gods of the Neter

  • Heru-Ur: God of the Sky (Killed by Aten)
  • Tefnut: Goddess of Rain (Killed by Kronus)
  • Shu: God of Wind (Turned Titan)
  • Nut: Goddess of the Stars (Turned Titan)
  • Heqet: Goddess of the Nile (Turned Titan)
  • Nephtys : Goddess of the House and Peace of Death (Killed by Kronus's forces)

Major Events

~3500 BC

~3200 BC

~3100 BC - The Neter is formed

~2400 BC

~1400 BC

~1300 BC

  • Aten takes over the Egyptian civilization briefly, forcing the Neter to go underground

~1200 BC

~1100 BC

~800 BC

  • Set takes over Neter's leadership and kills Osiris. Isis brings him back to life. Horus is born.

~700 BC

  • Horus challenges Set for Neter's leadership and wins. Birth of Thoth

~100 AD

~500 AD

Known Godborns

Famous Godborns