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Chinese God of Honor and Youth, Nezha, also called the Third Lotus Prince, is a former Godborn of Yanluo.

Usually looking like a young and athletic man, Nezha is a protective deity, always keen to go to great lengths to help his brethren. Owner of an Enech of protection, Nezha do not compromise when his loved ones are threatened.

The legend of Nezha begins in a military fortress of Chentang Pass, where his adoption father was a military commander. The place was under the influence of Ao Guang, the East Sea Dragon King, who was keen of sacrifices in his name. One day, as the Pass were suffering droughts for some time, people prayed for the Dragon King to bring them rain and sacrificed much food for him. But Ao Guang refused the food and instead demanded girls and boys. The Dragon then sent one of his servant, Ye Sha, to bring him back his due. At this moment, Nezha and his friends were playing on the banks of a nearby lake when Ye Sha appeared in the sky and took one of the kids. Nezha pursued the dragon and injured him badly enough for him to free the kid and go back to his master and explain the situation.

As a response, Ao Guang sent his third son Ao Bing to deal with Nezha. Unfortunately, Ao Bing suffered the same wounds as Ye Sha. Angry, Ao Guang threatened to flood the Pass and report the issue to the Jade Emperor if he was not to receive his sacrifice. To save his family and the people of the Pass, Nezha sacrificed himself, tearing off his own limbs himself, after having requested to send them to his parents. Now dead and not willing to go to Di Yu, Nezha visited his mother in her sleep to ask for a temple so he had a place to rest. She built a secret temple who ended up flourishing and lost its secrecy. When Li Jing, Nezha's adoptive father, learned about the temple, he burnt it to the ground, considering the boy already made his family suffer enough.

Without a place to rest anymore, Nezha had no choice but to enter Di Yu, where he encountered his father Yanluo. Moved by his story, Yanluo could not ask for his own son to suffer the maze. Also considering the fact Nezha's life was still sinless and therefore going through the maze would be a waste of time, he granted a reincarnation without loss of his memory nor his physical body. In other words, Yanluo granted Nezha a full resurection. On his way back to life, Yanluo granted the boy two weapons: the Wind Fire Wheels and the Fire-tipped Spear.

Back to the World, Nezha was angry at his father and started chasing him. Realizing his stepson was back to life and trying to kill him, Li Jing ran away to escape Nezhra's tantrum. His two stepbrothers tried to stop him but were neutralized easily by the demi-god. But eventually, the resurected Godborn was stopped by his former mentor, an enlightened old man. Doubting the purpose of his vengeful quest, Nezha decided to forgive his father and place him under his protection.

Soon after this event, the Bureaucracy, witnessing the dedication this young demi-god had towards honoring his vow of protection, elevated him among the pantheon.

Nezha didn't have time yet to produce a lot of Godborn, but the few he has thrive to defend their principles. Wether it honor, justice, or even freedom or mayhem, they all excel in finding ways to follow their heart and convictions. Like a tide wave, they are unstoppable once they've started something worth their time. Relentless, reckless and sometimes not being able to think straight, they can be found in jobs such as eco-fighters, human rights NGO members, physician working on curing all diseases and literally all fields one can find a true passion in.

Associated Powers

Light - Brightness
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Fire - Life
Epic Senses
Fire - Invention

Associated Abilities

First Aid