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Queen of Tir na nÓg, Niamh of the Golden Hair is the daughter of Manannán mac Lir and Fand. Even though she is the youngest of the Tuatha Dé Danann, she is a respected leader and her complicity with The Dagda - as the High King of Ireland - is a delightful sight. He is the one who taught her druidism.

Tall with a pale skin and long blond hair, Niamh is always seen riding her horse Embarr, given to her by Mannanan. The creature can travel on both ground and water with the same ease. From her father she inherited her sense of adventure and, even though her duties do not let her go out of the Celtic Godrealm very often, she wanderers the infinite plains and seas of Tir na nOg at her convenience. Thus, she never stays in the same place more than a few hours - except when pressing matters require her attention of course.

Niamh does not have a known lover but a few centuries ago she fell in love with a mortal man called Oisin. When she proposed him a tour of Tir na nOg, Oisin accepted and told his father he would be back soon. Eventually, Oisin fell in love with her and stayed in the Godrealm longer than he intended. After what seemed like 3 years to him, Oisin felt homesick and decided to pay a visit to his family. Unfortunately, 300 years had passed in the World and his family was dead for a long time. Niamh was aware of that but she did not want to hurt Oisin so she lend him her horse Embarr and, before he left, made him promise not to foil Irish land. When Oisin realized his family passed away a long time ago he made his way back to Tir na nOg. On the way he was asked by some men if he could help them move a stone. Unfortunately, when reaching out to them, he fell off his horse and began to age quickly. By the time he stood up to come back on the horse's back, Oisin was turned into dust and died.

Heartbroken, Niamh was never able to fall in love again. Some are seing in her complicity with The Dagda the premicices of a long-lasting relationship but when talked about it she firmly disagrees. But love has its own ways sometimes even Gods cannot comprehend.

Niamh may not have a true lover, but she understands the needs of Godborns. However, since she rarely leaves Tir na nOg her children are few. They are, like her and her father, strong adventurers and passionate beings. Their feelings are exacerbated by the places they go and the people they meet. They are physicians, social workers or humanitarian activists around the globe.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Light - Brightness
Sky - Peace
Depths - Abundance
Night - Stars

Associated Abilities

First Aid