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For the Godborn that this God was before reaching apotheosis see Erin Luger.

Niemh Mairbh is one of the youngest members of the Celtic pantheon. He is a God of Death and Retribution. As the son and enforcer of The Morrigan he has adopted a crow like appearance, this coupled with his undead stare makes him an intimidating sight to behold.

Niemh Mairbh is a powerful lich and a necromancer with the ability to summon hordes of the damned to do his bidding. Whilst his methods may seem deplorable to some Niemh Mairbh took a geas to always protect the innocent and he is prepared to use any means necessary to uphold his vow.

Niemh Mairbh also considers himself a first rate spy master. His crows have eyes watching across the globe and they report back all that they observe. That said, he is still a warrior deep down and though he will deny it he still yearns for the chance to prove himself in battle like a Celtic hero of old. In mortal form, he often affects the appearance of a light-skinned, handsome young man in either a suit or trench coat. He has been a police officer who doesn't play by the book, a detective with nothing to lose, a executioner who loves his job, a judge who's harsh but fair, an MI6 or CIA agent, and an assassin with a weird code of honour.

Commonly found in careers such as espionage or military service, Niemh's Godborns are ruthlessly efficient, always prepared to sacrifice anything for the good of the mission. In leadership roles, they maintain perfect discipline and do not hesitate to make calls that lesser men might perceive as cold. They always have a strong sense of what is right partly because they know from first hand experience what it is to be on the side of wrong.

Associated Powers

Fey Sorcery - Winter
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Chwal - Puppeteer
Night - Obscurity
Spiritwalking - Necromancy
Death - Destruction
Death - Horror
Night - Madness
Night - Moon

Associated Abilities