After Nergal's return, Sun Yat-Sen (now under the name Ojutai), Valeska Gert and newcomer Ryan Adams, envoy of Thoth, a secret ally of the Primarchs, decided to create a Council bringing together the parties unaffiliated with the Gods and Titans - namely the Mythborn. They decided to start with Fairie, as Valeska had some links to the Otherworld. They resolved to obtain the support of the Queens of Fairie, Mab and Titania.
Travelling to Fairie thanks to one of Ryan's rituals, they ended up in a border town belonging to the Winter Court. Surveying their surroundings and middling with the townfolk, they ended up tricked by a bartender to pursue a strange shoe-stealing criminal. Tracking it to a cave, they found out the thief was a lost Troll, and convinced it to instead steal from the rich and give the shoes to the needy.

With the thanks of the populace, the Godborns travelled along a group of Story Sellers - Fey specialized in selling stories around Fairie - to a city built in the wood of a dead World Tree. Its leader, Ghillie Due, informed them that Queen Mab's Frozen Palace was under siege by the Titanness Nott, Avatar of Nyx. He also revealed that a major ally against Nott was the druids of the Church of the Deer Lord. In his court, arguing for the alliance of Mythborns against the Gods and Titans, was the half-dragon Wyrdborn Vodaluss Letrommi. His interests being aligned with theirs, he joined the Godborns in heading towards the Frozen Palace.

Reaching a valley ending in a bottleneck in the mountains leading to the Frozen Palace, they found a giant dome of green light blocking the path, with an army of Nott's Titanspawn attempting to breach it. The Godborns caused a nearby cliff to collapse while luring the Titanspawn under it, destroying a great number of the creatures and giving them a clear path to the dome.

Passing harmlessly through the dome, they discovered it to be housing a great cathedral, inside which was a group of Technodruids led by the creator of the dome - the God Cernunnos himself. Cernunnos was maintaining 17 such domes all around Mab's palace, holding back Nott's reinforcments, but lost contact with the rest of his churches after losing the Staff of Unlimited Power to a group of Night Trolls.

With the aid of Cernunnos' Korrigans, the Godborns reached the hiding place of the Trolls, and after a lengthy battle took back the Staff and brought it back to Cernunnos' temple, where they learned the Staff of Unlimited Power was actually a simple magical electricity generator for the Technodruids' raves.

Cernunnos then asked them to gather some Treants from the Dark Forest, using his friendship with a Child of Yggdrassil, Sasha, to gain the Treants' aid and attach runic machine-guns to them. However, the Godborns had no interest in letting a God get all the credit for saving Mab, and once they reached the Dark Forest and the Treants' leader, the World Tree Gulnarissil, they started looking for a way to turn the situation to their advantage.

They learned that the Titan Avatar Dis Pater was conducting a logging operation in the Dark Forest, which led them to unite with the Treants to destroy it in order to gain their trust. This succeeded, however they learned Dis Pater's operation was performed for the Theoi, and more specifically Hades himself. They earned the friendship of the Treants, but also earned the ire of the King of the Underworld.

The Godborns asked Gulnarissil to call together a meeting of the powerful players of the Dark Forest in order for their planned Council to be born. Those who answered the call were: Baron Barnaby Wulf, leader of the Loup-Garous; Leopold Paddington, leader of the Were-Boars; Madremonte, a powerful Dryad; the Sasquatch, a unique and powerful Mythborn; and Molvanna, a Titanspawn of the Grim Reaper and leader of the Witches. Talking to each of them, the Godborns managed to convince most of them of the benefits of allying as a separate force, and the Loup-Garous especially eager to aid Mab who had been their ally in the past.

The Council was troubled however by the arrival of an envoy of Hades, queen Persephone herself, who came to offer excuses and appeasement to the Mythborn. Nevertheless, a bare-bones Council was formed. Only the Were-boars, whose demands consisted of a stable home in the World, refused to aid in any way with the effort to rescue Mab, until the Godborns showed their good will through Valeska, who got her father Manannán to agree to house a group of them on an island west of Ireland.

The Council now formed, the Godborns marched on to liberate the Winter Court from Nott's siege.

Meanwhile, Ryan has discovered by studying Cernunnos' defensive spells a link between him and the Primarch Baal. Once the Godborns and their Mythborn allies entered Fairie, destroying the Titanspawn surrounding Cernunnos' fortress in the process, they interrogated the God about his links to the Primarch. He explained that he encountered the Primarch during his travels, and that Baal was only interested in returning to the World if his return was wanted by those who inhabited it. As such Cernunnos had been finding allies and preparing Baal's return.

Discovering that Nott and Fenrir were maintaining a powerful spell, a dark Veil over Fairie, from four fortresses spread around Mab's palace, the Godborns split their allies' forces amongst three of the fortresses, with them and Cernunnos on the last one. Charging onto the fortress, Ojutai summoning a charging cavalry, the Godborns encountered a Sun Eater, a massive Dragon and one of Nott's elite. While Cernunnos battled the Sun Eater, Valeska and Vodaluss battled a massive Night Giant which had emerged from the citadel. Ojutai meanwhile, with the Night Giant distracted, summoned an army and with a massive punch brought down the gate to the citadel. Inside, he found a great obelisk channeling the Veil. Bringing it down with all his might, he was hit by a burst of Night energy, marking him in the eyes of Nott.

Valeska and Vodaluss brought down the Giant, sending his forces into disarray, while Ryan distracted the Sun Eater long enough for Cernunnos to defeat it. The obselisk having been destroyed, the Godborns and Cernunnos retreated before Nott's forces had time to regroup.

The raids had been successful, though many amongst the Were-Boar-aligned Garous had been killed. The Veil disappeared, weakening Nott's forces. The Demigods decided next to find a way to reach Mab's Frozen Palace to coordinate attacks, using the knowledge of the local lords. Calling onto Ghillie Dhu, he revealed that there was indeed a way, using a nearby river harbor that would allow travel through the Wyrd directly to the Frozen Palace - but that harbor was controlled by Fenris forces. Hatching a plan, Ojutai baited the Fenris using insults and his Light powers to anger the wolves into following him into the forest, where an ambush awaited. The plan succeeded, and the Demigods proceeded to Mab's Palace.

Meeting the Queen of Winter, the Godborns learned that Nott's forces were mainly led by the Sun Eaters, that number in a dozen, each of a power enough to rival a minor God. Using Mab's mastery over illusions and Fairie, they tricked the Sun Eaters into attacking all at once, the bulk straight to the Frozen Palace, with a few being led to the forest where the Dark Forest Forces were waiting in ambush. The Demigods would fight the Sun Eaters one by one, while the rest would be lost fighting ghosts, frost and smoke. Their power was not enough to match such a creature, however, and as such they had no choice but to accept power from Mab, becoming infused by the very essence of Fairie.

A brutal fight ensued, where illusions, darkness and the powers of the Godborns clashed over and over, Sun Eaters being brought down one by one, until each and every one was killed by the combined forces of the Dark Forest, Fairie, Mab, Cernunnos, and the Demigods.

This victory was not without cost, however. The Treants took severe losses, as well as the Garous. Nevertheless, Nott's forces were broken and leaderless. All that remained was the Fenris forces. Setting up a trap using the Loup-Garous' expertise, the Godborns defeated the Fenris leaders. The enemy forces being left all without direction, they were scattered by Mab's forces then thinned out and eliminated by the denizens of Fairie. The siege on the Frozen Palace was over.

Nevertheless, they were informed that the Fatebindings between Fairie and Nyx had become too strong, and that Nott's forces would recover very quickly. A more permanent solution was necessary. One solution was the use of the King of Fairie, Oberon, who was able to shroud Fairie in a mist protection Fairie from the Titans. However, Oberon was stuck in Tech Duinn after the Celtic Underworld was locked. The Godborns knew that one entryway into Tech Duinn remained: The Door in the Sky, the exit used by the Godborns 20 years before to enter Irkalla.

Gathering the leaders of the Dark Forest and Mab together at Stonehenge, the Demigods formed the Council of Babylon.