Nihilism is the most recent Enlightened Discipline to rise. Faith is a powerful tool, and that is something the users of Nihilism understand well. Some among the Enlightened are so convinced in the importance of Humanity and free will that they refuse to accept the existence of Fate. Those who can harness this impulse for denying the existence of Fate have been able to channel this power to ignore the Legend of beings around them. Facing a Nihilist, the strongest Godborns can find themselves as vulnerable as any other person, and a Nihilist with a knife can be more of a threat than a Titanspawn the size of a building.

The Cabal, in particular, has developed Nihilism thoroughly, and has embraced the modern age of secularism and philosophy to deny the divinity of the Gods and the certainty of Fate. Numerous nihilists can also be found in the ranks of the Illuminati.