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Nirrti, Avatar of Sheol, represents the Horror of Death is a fierce enemy of the Gods currently in Tartarus. She was once a Deva, the elder sister of Lakshmi, both of them having mysteriously emerged from Oceanus after the First Titanomachy. During the Second Titanomachy, she was deeply struck by the appalling reality of war. Tortures, genocides, massacres… As the Goddess of Sorrows, she absorbed as much as she could, to protect and defend, to try to stop the folly of destruction. But she had to face a dreadful truth : death only calls for more death, and horror for more horror. She soon turned into a titan, feeding and growing from this endless cycle. During what was left of the Second Titanomachy, she slaughtered the forces of the Gods as well as those of the Titans, caring only for murder and blood. As punishment, she was sealed in Tartarus along with the vainquished Titans, giving the Grim Reaper all the the freedom to express herself.

She appears as a dark-skinned woman with wild black hair, often riding a crow. Nirrti is violent and hateful, ready to inflict unspeakable torments upon those who oppose her… or those who serve her. Nirrti enjoys the process of Death as much as its occurrence and likes to make the whole ordeal last as long as possible. In the divided state of Sheol, Nirrti is a subtle but powerful influence. She is not as brutal as Camazotz or as machiavellian as Itztlacoliuhqui, but the fear of death remains one of the main force of every living being. She has no true allies, but to confront her forces is to confront the deepest fear of all beings.

Pure product of the Sheol, she is the agony of being torn from life before one’s allotted time, the physical pain of mortal wounds and the suffering inflicted upon the still-living when one they knew is killed. Extremely sadistic, Nirrti is a master torturer. This feat and the tremendous pleasure she takes from watching living beings die in any way she can imagine brought her the title of Destroyer of Worlds. And her forces have been working actively to free her cruel mistress from her prison and unleash her horror upon the world.