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Nita Nairobi is a Godborn of Tane Mahuta. Born in 1942 in Wyoming, her mother left her at a very young age in a black orphanage in Minneapolis. Due to her temper and aptitude to unite all around her to refuse oppresion, she bounced from home to home, only to be recruited in 1967 by the Black Panther Party as an activist and a teacher in politics and economics. She was charismatic and weirdly strong for her size, and more than one racist pig had his nose broken for disrespecting her.

In 1971, Nita Nairobi was visited by her father Tane Mahutz who revealed him his heritage and destiny. She joined the B.E.A.R group, quickly becoming its leader, with Hamset, Lin Wang and Carl Johnson. Their adventures led them to create the Overworld Trade Center in 1971.

During the ritual, Nita was the first to lead the charge, using her tremendous bear powers to bring attention to herself. Luckily, she only suffered minor wounds. She had Heliogabalus under her giant paws, but he fled at the last minute using a titanspawn of Chronos. Nita is a 1,6 meters high black women, with a full body maori-styled tattoo of a grizzly that allows her to transform into a powerful bear, wether made a flesh, wood or spiritual energy. She is a leader and a guide, with an uncompromising view on justice and social progress.