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As the leader of the B.E.A.R and founder of the Furious City, Nitarahi (Amerindian and maori translation of Great Bear) is a unique Goddess of Progress and Justice. By removing the tattoos her dad had put in place, she was able to chose to fully embrace her Werebear mother's legend or resist it. She chose the former so much that she actually became very close to becoming a Mythborn herself. However, through her adventures, her ichor gained enough strength to allow her to reach apotheosis, though her base form is that of a black bear.

With her comrade Aa-Kât, they built the Furious City in Avalon, creating a haven for mythborns as well as an embassy for every pantheon. By entering the mighty structure, Nita is able to fuse with the city itself to make it move and even fight, while gravitaionnal fields created by Aa-kât maintain the inhabitants relatively secured during the move.

Nita is a dangerous being with a strong will for justice. By protecting the weak and destroying tyrants, she uses her bear and size powers to mythic proportions to crush her ennemies. However, her presence and leadership skills are no joke.

By her nature that is so foreign to her pantheon of origin and her loyalty being closer to her own ideals than the ones of the Maoris, she did not recieve the Broken Horizon tattoo from Tumatauenga. However, she remains in very good terms with her father.

She also had the "opportunity" to carry Zeus's child in 1974. Her daughter is a white Werebear goddess of the Roar of Thunder.