As an Avatar of Nyx, Nótt represents the Night as Veil, the oppressing, all-engulphing, suffocating presence. Galloping through the skies leaving darkness, unconsciousness and the strange madness of dreams behind her, Nott is a primal force who has no care for the desire of humanity for light or the safety of day; she reigns supreme over the heart of the most lightless, dream-filled part of humanity's lives.

An old Aesir goddess, grand-mother of Thor, she became a titan during the event of the First Titanomachy by hiding Asgard from the fury of Surtr under a veil of night. This incredible feat earned the forces of the Gods the time they needed for a counter-attack, but Nótt had turned… Now riding chariot carried by a frost-mane mare, Nótt's cape is the Veil of Nyx itself. As such, she is an extremely influential Avatar of Night, but is dangerously close to lose herself in the titanrealm itself. With the freeing of the titans, Nótt has moved her agenda and has allied herself with both Apep and Fenrir in order to grow stronger and extend the concept of Night to the entire Overworld.

Though Nótt's tyrannical insistence on night and her recent attempts to extend its time have won her few ennemies among the Norse peoples, she is still held in high esteem by the the dark elves of Patala whose realm may be reached from within her lands. Much of Nott's dark, gloomy territory is populated by these elves, living in villages that form the sprawling kingdom of Svartsheim, a bastion of lightless but bustling life that never need the harsh brightness of day. The borders of her domain are patrolled by giants almost as dark and forbidding as herself, ready to turn away or destroy any intruder who might prove to seek to steal her secrets or act against her. Additionnaly, though all of Nyx's titanspawn have a knack for discretion, Nótt's forces are without a doubt the stealthiest beings of the Overworld, and her spies are infiltrated everywhere, gathering intel for their master. Combined with Apep's brute forces and Fenrir's expertise in psychological warfare, the alliance of the three avatars of Nyx might prove to be the downfall of the Gods.