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Brother of The Dagda and son of Danu and her champion, Nuada was the first High King of Ireland of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Owner of the sword Claíomh Solais, the "Light Sword", he was an accomplished warrior and talented druid. During the First Battle of Mag Tuired he lost his left arm before the fomorian king. His arm was replaced by silver replica crafted by Dian Cécht and from this day he was known as Nuada Silver-Arm.

After the Battle, the position of High king of Ireland was created and Nuada inducted as such. To show his powers to humans, Nuada planted his sword in the Stone of Destiny and invited every humans to try their luck and withdraw the sword from the stone. Only Nuada was able to do so and, thanks to it, the God won obedience and worship from his people.

It is during the Second Battle of Mag Tuired that Nuada met his destiny and died before Balor's eye blast despite an attempt from Lir to stop the attack. After Nuada's death, his brother The Dagda was designated to replace him and the Stone&Iron ceremony was organized once again. This is when the Milesians arrived…