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Creator Goddess of the Celestial Bureaucracy, she is Fuxi's wife and Shangdi's mother.
Together with Fuxi, they taught humans the basics of civilization. Cooking, fishing, hunting, writing,metal work and the five elements of Nature (Water, Fire, Earth, Wood and Metal). They also created the Heaven, Tiàn, by conquering and securing a part of the troubled Overworld.

Nuwa created four Axes Mundorum to access Tiàn, one for each natural elements: The Yellow River, the Kunlun volcano, Mount Everest and the Jianfeng tropical forest. The metallic aspect was not considered by Nuwa, as there was no such place on Earth fitting the representation of Metal.

During the First Titanomachy, Zhuanxu, the first creation of Shangdi, had an enemy called Gonggong, - also known as Yam. Their fights caused earth to quake, rivers to flood and set the sky ablaze with lightnings. Eventually their fights destroyed the four Axes Mundorum to Tiàn on Earth. Cut off from the World, the power of the still unborn chinese pantheon was dropping and caught between the two fronts, its time was counted. Noticing the breach, Yam's forces launched a full-scale attack on Tiàn, which was counting only four Gods at that time. Fuxi was busy repelling Ouranos along with Kronus and Nuwa was onto the World to fix the Axes Mundorum. Only were left Shangdi, Gao Yao, Zhuanxu and Erlang to defend Tiàn, with Zhuanxu fighting Yam on his own and the three others repelling the massive assault. Eventually, Nuwa managed to fix the Axes Mundorum and Tiàn retrieved its link to the World. At the same time, Zhuanxu managed to repel Yam to its realm. Its forces, acknowledging their defeat, tried to retreat but Shangdi and the others showed no mercy and wiped them out before they could reach the borders of Tiàn.

Exhausted from her demanding task and badly bonded into the Wyrd, Nuwa needed to withdraw herself for a time. Along with Fuxi, they stayed in Tiàn in order to heal. Shangdi made his first servants build the Palace of Heavenly Purity for them to rest in calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Nuwa sired many Godborn during the ancient times, but since her withdrawal from the World and geopolitics, she did not gave birth to any more of them.

Associated Powers

World - Life
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Fire - Invention
Light - Illumination

Associated Abilities

First Aid