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Nyx, Titanrealm of Night, is the metaphysical separation between the Light of Aether and the vastness of Amaunet. Being mostly populated by neutral Titans in the Overworld War, the titanrealm of Night is a vastness of empty space, sparcely punctuated by clouds, bright stars, and the dark palaces of the Titanrealm's Avatars.

Prominent Features

Nyx is a veil, a shifting, deep expanse covering the whole sky. As such, it knows many Avatars representing its different aspects and fighting each other for control, and under constant pressures and influences from other Titanrealms. As such Nyx is less unified and orderly than other Realms.

The main expanse of Nyx is known simply as The Veil. It is as physical as it is metaphysical, as those who reach Nyx find themselves walking upon a silken material upon which rest the cities and kingdoms. The most organized and established Avatars share this expanse, a place of shifting alliances and tensions rather than warfare and destruction. Nott holds the main presence in the Veil thanks to her alliance with the Dark Elves of Patala, joined to The Veil by hundreds of dark silk-like bridges.

High above The Veil lie the stars and those who dwell amongst them. Known as The Milky Way, realm of Nut's, each star is a small shining island in a sea of blackness where the forces of Apep lie in wait. Each star has its own story and culture and are home to many beings, including Callisto or even Rehua.

At the forefront of The Milky Way lies the Sacred Moon, the land of Selene, and biggest bastion of light and peace in Nyx, with alliances throughout the isolated Stars to push back the darkness. The Sacred Moon holds many cities of peaceful titanspawns, harvesting rare magical minerals in the soil. The dark side of the Sacred Moon is home to the fierce warriors of Selene, an army of lunar huntress, both mythborn and titanspawn, who do their best to protect the Sacred Moon from the assaults of Apep and Fenrir. The Sacred Moon can be reached from the Paza Layer in Amaunet and a few Godrealms associated with night, like Aunu.

The Veil is not perfect however as sometimes Mikaboshi's influences pierces it. Places of empty space and blackness that seem to swallow everything it touches into a vacuum sometimes appear and disappear at random. These Void Anomalies are difficult to perceive in this realm of perpetual obscurity, but represent a terrible threat. They lead to a dark place, separated from Nyx, where matter is dissolved, leaving only magic and ideas. Or so says the only one who managed to come back from such a dark place, Kronus himself.

Internal Politics and Culture

Nut, patron of the stars, is a strong ally of Selene, while Nott and Apep, their main enemies, are rivals as Nott is interested in taking over while Apep wants to destroy. From this spring three main groups. The Titans protecting the Astral Objects, following Nut and Selene. The servants of the Veil, following Nott. And the creatures of disorder and darkness, following Apep. These alliance sometimes work together, sometimes work alongside Gods, and though the main players do not change many of the lesser Avatars have a much more flexible position. An example is Fenrir's remaining Titanspawn, which have many shared aspects with Apep, but share kinship with Nott who is related to their progenitor.

The cultures of Nyx are as diverse as the aspects of the night, but two major themes can be identified. The cultures closer to The Veil tend to be morose, militaristic, organized, and hierarchical, while those closer to The Milky Way are wilder, more individual. While the beings close to the Stars and the Moon tend to be artistic and scholarly, those in the expanse between them are toughened and ruthless.

Relations and Links

As the Veil, Nyx is connected to many realms, and though its Avatars bicker and fight, they are all united against those who want to tear that veil apart. Below Nyx lies the Sky of Amaunet.
Through the broken Twilight realm of Dämmerung, where Nott's long-dead husband Dellingr used to rule, one can then find another entrance to Patala, leading to the realm of Erebus, and a passage to Aether through the realm that used to belong to Hemera, Titan of Day, but is now under Aten's dominion.

Finally, Selene is forever linked to her brother Helios, and knows secret passageways through Dämmerung leading to Helios' Sun Fortress, though it is now occupied by Aten since Helios' banishment.

The entrances to Dämmerung are heavily guarded by Nott, but only rarely does the Avatar attempt to push into the Realm, as the clashing forces of Mikaboshi and Aten often annihilate anything that comes too close.

Finally, through Nott's realm, it is possible to pass to the Winter Court of Fairie, though Oberon ensures that passage remains closed.

God Presence

Gods have outposts in the Veil, in the dark corners where Nott doesn't have her cities, as not all Dark Elves are happy with the new order of things.
However, the main fortresses of the Gods lie in Selene and Nut's realms, as they are quite friendly to the Gods. Artemis and Chang'e are both good friends of Selene and station their forces there to foil the plans of Apep. Nut's relationship with the Gods is more tumultuous, but her estranged husband Geb manages to keep some semblance of civility, mostly due to the shared enemy in Apep.

Major Avatars

Notable Titanspawn