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Fallen Orisha Goddess of Water and Rivers, Oba was Olokun's mother and, with Oya, Simbi's genitor.

Member of the first generation of the Orisha, Oba was amongst the deities who saw diplomacy only through the prism of war. Protector of rivers, she quickly became Sobek's ennemy when she took over the territory where lies the Nile's source as a self-proclaimed reward for letting her son die to Abzu without any help and saving Egyptian people in the process.

When the war between the Orisha and the Neter started, Sobek took the open-war opportunity to duel Oba, stating their different over her son's life and her claim over the Nile's source could only be trialed through combat. Oba played straight forward to Sobek's game and they both fought for months. All rivers of the continent were flooding and Egyptian people knew their biggest floods, blessing the Gods for it.

Eventually, Oba was defeated by Sobek's higher discipline and martial skills. This event only made the Orishas more violent during the war, but the death of Oba brought serious drought over the Orisha territory, which, added to the loss of Oro, contributed to their defeat.