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Oceanus, Realm of the Sea, is a vast expanse of water, dotted by islands, filled to the brim with all kinds of life, great raft-cities, and giant ships. Oceanus is not a place of darkness and death, but a place of life and diversity.

Prominent Features

Oceanus is a crossroads of Titanrealms, due to its Avatars being - relatively - less violent and more fluid than in other Realms. There are four main regions in Oceanus, each with its own topography.

The Great Blue is maybe the most iconic part of Oceanus. It is just an immense body of salt water, home of the greatest beasts that make Terra's inhabitants look like insects. Titanspawns the size of cities slowly drift through the currents, some predators like packs of Megalodons, and some peaceful but not less dangerous, like monstrous jellyfish. The most notable are the Akuparas, giant sea turtles of Tiamat, who live in a symbiotic relationship with civilization on their backs, who repel predators in exchange for shelter. The Great Blue acts as the common link between all of Oceanus, and its currents constitute true highways, fought over by both Sedna and Yam.

The Grand Coral Reef is the most peaceful part of Oceanus. Full of colors, wonders and life, it is mainly the abode of Sedna, though other Avatars and Gods often have a residence there. Rich mermaid merchants often trade with other Titanrealms and Godrealms, including Terra of course, but also Aunu, Takamagahara and some say even know of a secret passageway to Kahiki. Entire city made of corals coexist with small paradise islands barely above the waves of the surface and entire floating barge-cities resembling ancient fishing villages.

However this region is sometimes disturbed by the Perpetual Tsunami, the armies of Yam, who mostly remain on the surface, trying to assail the Grand Coral Reef. Its rogue waves the size of mountains, supersonic cyclones and freezing rains often connect with the Tempest Layer of Amaunet and is sometimes used by intrepid smugglers who don't wish to be followed. At the center of the Tsunami, lies the ever moving stronghold of Yam, a moving behemoth of crushing water, seeking to destroy everything in its wake.

Lastly of course, are the Dark Depths, home of sea monsters and many treasures, with obvious links to Patala and Abzu's abode. It is hard, in these forgotten places, where Patala starts and Oceanus begins. Like often with water, the change is gradual. The sea becomes less salty, the light decreases and the pressure becomes immense. This part of Oceanus actually still has a few hidden narrow gateways into the deepest parts of the World itself, where no man can survive.

Oceanus can also be accessed through Terra, though the way is guarded by creatures of Gaia residing in the Swamp Kingdom of Sli'eth, ruled by the former Goddess Heqet, now minor Avatar of Fertility vassal to Gaia. Heqet herself is relatively friendly to the Gods - especially her former brethren among the Neter. But her alliance with Gaia means that any Gods entering Heqet's realm needs lavish gifts of tribute if they want to appease her. Nevertheless, this has led to Sli'eth seeing a large concentration of God-aligned beings.

Internal Politics and Culture

Oceanus is relatively peaceful and thriving thanks to Sedna's influence and political alliances. Though Yam is the most powerful Avatar, the staunch support of the Gods towards Sedna, the ever-present menace from the depths of Patala, and the newly-ascended Titan Tlaloc acting as a peaceful buffer between Yam's primary ally, Huracán, all work towards Oceanus being a relatively stable realm.

Yam's Titanspawn are highly organized, and militarily-minded, with legions of water-chariots pulled by seahorses and mermen infantry forming the bulk of his forces, reinforced by sea monsters of all kinds. Various kingdoms are rival between each other for Yam's favor, and part of obtaining that favor is to bring trophies at the Avatar's feet. Those trophies are collected from expeditions into Patala or Terra, attacks on other Avatars of Oceanus, or war against the Gods themselves, which leads his forces to be spread throughout all parts of the Overworld.

Meanwhile, Sedna's people live in gigantic Barge-Kingdoms, flotillas of ships shared by tribes, living, growing, travelling together and living off the sea. Trade with creatures closer to Terra - and the Gods - allows them to have all they need, and the matriarchal tribes are relatively united, especially knowing they are the bastion of peace in an ocean of turmoil.

God Presence

Most of the Gods' outposts are based in Sedna's Barge-Kingdoms and in the Grand Coral Reef, with most Pantheons having an ambassador at her Court to ensure her good graces. However, some Gods have grown closer to Yam. In particular, Poseidon and Ryujin have proven themselves to wield and respect the destructive power of the Sea against those who do not share that respect, and have the closest thing Yam holds to friendship (though they are far from being allies). Though no official alliance exists, it is not unheard of to have groups of Godborn find themselves on opposite sides of a battle between Yam and Sedna.

Major Avatars

  • Sedna, Water as Provider
  • Yam, Water as the Raging Sea
  • Tiamat, Water as Life (Deceased)

Notable Titanspawn