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Orisha God of Iron and Crafting, Ogoun is the son of Aganju and brother of Shango. He married Oya when she was exiled by Shango.
In contrast to his blood-thirsty brother, Ogoun is a more balanced God. He's not prompt to violence but will not hesitate to use it if he perceives a threat of any kind.

Talented craftsman, he provided the Orisha with high-quality weapons during millenia of war and expansion. Complete opposite of a tyran, Ogoun will always choose the side of humans if they need his help. As a skilled warrior as well, he is now on the front of the Third Titanomachy along with his brothers, sisters and fellow deities from other pantheons.

He was married to Oya for a brief period, when she was exiled from Shango's domain. But when Shango learned about his ex-wife finding comfort and protection with his brother, Shango killed her out of jealousy and pure rage. Ogoun swore to take his revenge one day and when he heard about Thor and Zeus coming to put an end to Shango's deeds, he arranged their passing through the Orisha territory.

His children are few but talentuous and loyal. They have a balanced set of skills, allowing them to be skilled engineers and defend themselves efficiently. They are also martial arts teachers or bodyguards.

Associated Powers

Fire - Invention
Green Druid
Chwal - Rider
Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Spiritwalking - Shamanism

Associated Abilities

First Aid

Known Godborns