For the Godborn that this God was before reaching apotheosis see Sun Yat-Sen.

Ojutai, General of the Dead, is the reincarnation of the ancient Vietnamese hero Tran Hung Dao, whom Guan Yu tricked into transforming his Soul using Taiyi and becoming his Godborn.

As a God, Ojutaï is a powerful being with the presence and the charisma of an army general who goes at the front line. Despite having only one arm, his body radiates of powers of Light, Death, Taiyi as well as old forms of magic, more particluarly Runic Tattoos and Spiritual Communion. Adept in countering the powers of others, Ojutaï anticipates, calculates and tries to find innovative solutions, defeating his opponents strength by efficient and compassionate leadership.

Ojutaï creates structure that support his ideals. From mafia gangs specialized in occult goods to assembling the Council of Babylon, the God is a builder and a coordinator. He and his Godborns are people who try to see the big picture and create structure to make the world more balanced or serve their personal objectives (which very often overlap). When he takes human form, he always lacks his right arm that he lost during one of his adventures. Him and his progeny prefer leading to ruling, and take the form of military leaders, negotiation experts or consultants. They are not above guile, but disdain treachery and cowardice. They are strong and kind, understanding and relentless. After all, without morals and ideals, people are just animals. And without empathy or allies, there is no true power.