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Lost Orisha of the Ocean and Abyss, Olokun was Oba's son and Baron Samedi's father.

Olokun was lost to Abzu during the Second Titanomachy, when Abzu himself tried to submerge Egypt by merging the Red and Mediterranean Seas together. Fearing for the consequences over his own people, Olokun fought Abzu with all the power of his fierce will. Unfortunately, the Neter had no forces to spare and help him, being under siege in Aunu. Realizing he was turning into one of the Abzu's spawn, he decided to save as many people as he could before the flood Abzu was planning to achieve. He then opened the Red Sea to allow passage to Egyptian people to flee the conflict, thus sealing his destiny.

Shortly after, Sobek managed to trap a crippled Abzu and throw him back to his realm.

Olokun's loss became one of the motives that brought the Orisha to enter in a destructive rivalry with the Neter, as one of their own sacrificed himself in order to save their people.