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Ruler of the Orisha and their Godrealm Ikole Orun, Olorun is part of the Primordial Trinity at the origins of the pantheon. His only children are The Marassa twins who are applying their precept of Justice and Truth through reason.

Usually showing himself topless with white ritual tatoos shining on his dark skin, Olorun is the coordinator of the whole pantheon and his orders are followed even by the less willing of his own. Acknowledging the immense need of warriors in the primordial times, Olorun didn't stop his brothers and sisters from going to war against other pantheons. In their bloody ways, they were useful in order to keep the Titans at bay. But what Olorun didn't expect was how far the Orishas were willing to go in order to ensure their supremacy. And when the Neter was taken between the Orisha in the south and the Theoi in the north, both expanding aggressively, the Neter and the Theoi allied to knock the Orishas' ambitions down. This is when Sobek used this opportunity to terminate his rival Oba. Watching both pantheons burn in a pointless war, Apep used the opportunity to weaken his weaker ennemy by killing one of its rulers. Thus the Orisha lost Oro. Lacking their messenger and a psychopomp, the Orishas were crippled and disorganised, forcing them to surrender to the Egyptians.

After losing two of his comrades in this futile war, Olorun decided to retain his warriors' fury. The very first fertile ground for what would become much later the Lwa generation had just been born and it is then that he conceived The Marasa in order to help him enforce new ways for the Orishas. This decision didn't stop his brothers and sisters to die for the next centuries. The divine inertia…

His children are, like him, entitled to the Greater Good. They understand the means of sacrifice in order to achieve a goal, including self-sacrifice. They can see the big pictures more easily than most people and their decisions can leave others speechless, sometimes even making them appear as cold-hearted and ruthless. They are superpowers ministers, scientists working on ethical-edgy projects or troop leaders.

Associated Powers

Fire - Life
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Light - Brightness
Sky - Peace
Depths - Abundance
Tai Yi - Nature
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities