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Ancient Godrealm of the Theoi, Olympus lies in the Titanrealm of Terra, the highest mountain there, towering above Gaia's Titanspawn, the thunder of Zeus keeping them at bay. The mountain is a whole world in itself, with valleys along its cliffs, rivers, lakes, cities, plains and fields. The whole Godrealm is supported from the ground by Atlas, chained at the bottom of Olympus for eternity for the crime of siding with Kronus in the Second Titanomachy. This allows Olympus a disconnect from the rest of the Titanrealm which has led to a prosperous development of the realm, with the best artists, scientists and philosophers among the Gods and their servants meeting upon its sloped to debate and learn.

The Olympians, benefiting from their heroic role in defeating the Titans, have enjoyed tremendous influence and this shows throughout the ancient Godrealm. Because of ancient links with Ouranos' realm in Amaunet, travelling through the Overworld is relatively easy, with access to both the other Pantheons' realms and multiple Titanrealms.

Olympus' population is mostly made up of a myriad of minor Gods, their Mythborn servants and allies, and some worthy Souls risen from [[[Hades(Underworld)[Hades]]]. They live in many levels, with the lowest Nymph servants living in crags at the bottom of Olympus, their homes shifting and creaking when Atlas has an itch, while the most worthy live closer and closer to the homes of the Gods, with on top the great palaces and temples of the Olympians themselves, arranged in a wide circle around the pinnacle of the realm: Zeus' palace, a city unto itself entirely dedicated to the well-being of Zeus and his court.