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Third God of the Primordial Trinity, Oro was Eshu's father and the Orisha's Messenger and Psychopomp until he was killed by Apep himself.

Respected and reverred by humans, Oro was a fair God, good-willed and always eager to his job the best he could. Powerful psychopomp, he could have easily matched Hermes or Manannán mac Lir.

When the Neter, caught between the Theoi and the Orisha, went at war against the latter, the Orishas became weaker by the day. Seeing an opportunity to strike against a weaker ennemy and considering it as a step closer to bringing down the Neter, Apep struck Oro down. But it wasn't done easily as Oro was a master of travels and evasion. Apep chased him for years before coining him in a dead-end made up with the help Abzu, who absorbed Olokun not so long before.

Once dead, the Orisha were amputated from their messenger and havoc were spreading quickly, leading to their defeat.

After his father's death, Eshu took his place as Messenger of the Gods and guide of souls.