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Ancient African God of Wisdom and Knowledge, Orunmila was one of the direct children of Eledumare.

Powerful wyrdseer, his Wyrdseeing abilities were matched by none and even nowadays, only a handful of deities can claim to be his equal.

Secretive and not much of a social being, he was living almost exclusively in his chambers in Ikole Orun, leaving only when another God urgently needed his services.

Nobody knows the exact circumstances of his death. Rumors tell he discovered a hidden ancient secret and was about to reveal it to the whole Overworld. But the day before his world-shaking announcement, he was found dead in his quarters, without any trace left whatsoever.

Adding one more God to their losses, this event pushed the Orisha to wonder about the defenses of their Godrealm. No Orisha could have committed such an act, even Kalfu. This means the murderer could only come from outside the Godrealm. And if a God can be murdered within his own home, this means the Orisha's sacred place is no longer safe.