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Lost Orisha of the Hunt and Wealth, Oshosi is a son of Aganju and brother to Shango and Ogoun.

Close to Simbi in his ambitions, Oshosi was closer to humans than his divine brother. It he who taught them the art of hunting down creatures in order to feed their own, all of this while respecting natural processes Simbi was struggling to keep in place. But through hunting, humans became more and more wealthy and numerous, thus threatening the fragile balance of Nature.

Aware of Simbi's trips to Terra, Oshosi asked to accompany him in order to ask Gaia about a solution to his problem, as he didn't envision the current outcome and was only trying to teach humans how to survive without leaving traces bigger than Nature could overcome. Unfortunately, nobody knows what happened as only Simbi came back from the Titanrealm, without any will to give away any details of what truly happened.

Oshosi is now considered as either dead, turned or absorbed, without any clue to know more about it. The Gods are divided upon this subject: some think Simbi has already turned and Oshosi realized that when entering Terra, leaving him no choice than killing him with the help of his master in order to protect his secret. The other part is more prone of a more straight forward approach: Oshosi managed to offend Gaia and she killed him on the spot, leaving Simbi alone to escape Terra. But this theory doesn't explain why Simbi keeps traveling to Terra regularly…

In any case, if Oshosi received an answer to his problem, he carried it in the tomb.