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African Goddess of Love and Luxury, Oshun was Shango's third and preferred wife. As such, she was permanently plotting to stay amongst his favorites.

Oshun was the true embodiement of beauty at the service of ambition. She is the one who pushed Oya to cut her own ear and present it to Shango while he was eating, which led to the exile of the crippled Goddess.

She was doing a marvelous job at contenting Shango and even gave him a daughter: Azaka. Until she met Baldur at an Olympian banquet. Baldur had just come back from the depth of Helheim and lost his wife Nanna. Like every being who layed eyes on the Norse God, she developed a strong crush on him…which would bring her to her doom.

Not aware that Hel had also developed a crush on Baldur, Oshun deployed all of her skills to seduce the magnificent God. Even though he was used to being courted, Baldur had a hard time resisting the powerful charms of the African Goddess.

Realizing she would lose her Baldur, which she saw as her property, Hel outright took down Oshun. This drove Shango in a persistent state of fury, which soon turned into frustration as he couldn't perform his revenge against a Goddess protected by deities such as Odin or Heimdall. This is at this moment the God of Lightning decided to take over the Orisha.