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Art by LPDragonfly

Otherworlds are intermediary Realms that exist between the World and the Overworld. They are created from the Wyrd as kamis associated with certain places and stories in the World grow in Legend and link with certain Titans. Over time, this mixture of energies from the Titans and from the Wyrd create these new realms, populated with kami which have obtained corporeal form. These creatures, known as Mythborn, are very similar to Titanspawn, but have free will. Some Mythborn end up having children with Gods, creating Wyrdborn - Godborns which are not human. These Wyrdborn are usually more powerful early on, but gain Legend slowly and can only rarely become full-fledged Gods. Some theorize that Mythborns having kami - and thus being devoid of human Souls - is the cause.

Many of these Otherworlds can be reached using places of power in the World, and from the Titanrealm they are associated with.

Major Known Otherworlds

Minor Otherworlds