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In the older days before the current generation of Gods, Ouranos (also known as Rangi by the Maori or Dyaus Pita by the Deva) was the strongest of the Titans. Alongside his consort Gaia, he had fathered the young Gods who later formed the Theoi, the Deva and the Nga Tama a Rangi.

As the embodiment of Sky as the Expanse, he ravaged the World as the eye of the Storm, the one General able to channel the destructive madness of his fellow Avatars into an intelligent united force of destruction. He was separated from his lover Gaia by the joined forces of Tane Mahuta and of course Kronus, at the time the leader of the Gods against the Titans. The First Titanomachy that followed the separation of the Sky and the Earth in the Overworld shook all of creation. Ouranos was a patriarch that reunited all titans, civilized and feral, and this united front against the young Gods was gaining ground. Only by using his Sickle did Kronus turn the tide at the end of the war by castrating the Sky Father. Its severed member fell to the World, spawning infinite creatures and monsters, and was never found again.

Losing Ouranos unleashed the rest of the Titans, who fell prey to infighting and rash actions, leading the Gods to eventually win the war against their Titanic foes. Since then, Ouranos is still as powerful, but as the Sky as Calm, he does not use that strength to attack anyone. However, just like his consort Gaïa, attacking them directly in their home would cost tremendous power (therefore a risk of Gods turning into new titans). Plus, since the Sky Father now only wish to be left alone, Kronus decided that he was no longer a threat.

That decision was wise : any God or Titanspawn who have tried to use his passivity to encroach on his territory has found a fate some find worse than death - they became appeased, serene, and peaceful, silently joining Ouranos' Court in the Paza Layer and sleeping in lavish palaces high above the worries of other beings, for eternity.