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Ourea, Lord of the Mountain and the Rock, is an old and peaceful force. He takes a neutral stance in the fight between the Titans and the Gods, his gaze passing over such trivial conflicts as though they were a wind briefly echoing through a valley. He was tricked by the Aesir to build the fortification around Asgard. He built the Fortress of Conflagration for Surtr in retaliation. Since then, he has chosen to remain a calm and remote observant of the Overworld war, in his mountain-fortress in the heights of Terra.

Ourea's Titanspawn are renowned for not only their obvious resilience, but also their ability to pierce through illusions and veils, being so permanent, so evident, that reality around them follows suit. As such, the ability to lend his children to the aid of various parties in exchange for alliances and favors has cemented Ourea's neutral position, and so far no one has much interest in losing his favor, as sentinels of stone stand guard at most of the citadels in the Overworld.