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Lost Goddess of Fire, Death and Magic, Oya was Oduduwa's daughter and previous Keeper of Guinee.

Daughter of the God of Reality, Oya learned the secrets of Taiyi very early on and became a talented user. But Oya is known in the Orisha for being the one to have brought Chwal to their knowledge again - an ancestral ability lost with Eledumare's disappearance - thus granting the African Gods a more powerful and efficient access to population control. Later, when the Lwa Gods were born, upon realizing the dangers of such a technique, decided to use Chwal in more pacific ways and only to communicate or help humans. With Oba, she was also the first Orisha since the Primordial Trinity to conceive a child out of her mind only.

Second wife of Shango, Oya was rival with his third wife: Oshun. One day, the latter advised her to cut her ear and present it to Shango to impress him. Desperate for Shango's attention, she brought her limb to the God while he was eating. Disgusted to see his wife mutilated, he bannished her from his palace.

Exiled and furious at Oshun, she swore to have her revenge. That is when she and Ogoun became closer and ended up marrying each other. For a moment, Oya felt at peace and began forgetting about her past and psychopatic former husband. But Shango didn't forget and he learned about Ogoun and his former wife's marriage, he used her vengeful feelings towards Oshun to trick her and ambush her. Out of jealousy and madness, he killed her on the spot. Over the dead body of his wife, Ogoun swore to take revenge upon Shango and to put an end to his reign of terror. When Zeus and Thor decided to take down the bloody God, Ogoun took the opportunity to avenge his beloved wife.