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The gentle and devoted wife of Shiva is the Goddess of Love, Fertility and Devotion is famous for her hundred names. Having as many facets as it is possible for femininity itself to have, Parvati is a complex Goddess, member of the three great Hindu Goddesses with Lakshmi and Sarasvati, and considered the wisest among them. Mother of Murugan and Ganesha, Parvati is a caring, yet strict, parent, promoting peace, order, and truth above all else.

Parvati first existed as a woman named Sati. Unable to marry Shiva due to her father's dislike for the God, Sati immolated herself, which set Shiva to a dark and brooding mood. From the fire however was born Parvati, and the two were joined in marriage.

In the modern age, with Shiva so often far removed from the World in endless meditation, Parvati is busier than ever. She is a diplomatic powerhouse, organizing the Deva and dealing with the day-to-day affairs of the Pantheon, a thousand tasks always besetting her but never overwhelming her calm composure. She remains far from the World, but the day-to-day workings of the different Devaloka hold no mystery to her.

Her few Godborns - rarer every century - are deeply dutiful and brave, ready to do anything to ensure everything's in its proper place, and are filled with a deep, warm energy. Instead of the bright inspiration of Sarasvati or the fire that Lakshmi animates, Parvati gives an enduring energy, that guides her Godborns through work that might take months, years, or even decades, and allows them to carry on, shrugging off the doubt or uncertainty that might afflict lesser men.

Associated Powers

Water - Healing
Light - Brightness
Epic Beauty
Sky - Peace
Depths - Abundance
Spiritwalking - Shamanism

Associated Abilities

First Aid