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Prominent Features

Patala is the titanrealm of Depths, embodiment of everything that lives below the surface of the Earth. This realm is almost exclusively composed of deep passages and caverns where entire populations thrive, unaware even of the very concept of Sky and Sun.

The five main regions of Patala are as follows. Unlike other titanrealms, a true topography of Patala has proved to be impossible : in this maze of tunnels and dark caves, everything is connected, defying logic of distance. Only inhabitants of the realm can navigate in it easily without losing their way or accidentally falling into the maw of Crom Cruach.

The United Subterranean Nations is a civilized place. From troglodyte Mythborn cities lit by the shadow flames of Erebus to the fully-lit underground metropolises of Dis Pater, this network is well organized and almost safe for outsiders to use for commerce or adventure. Tunnels are lit, mines are working at full speed and civilization is flourishing. Though Dis Pater is the major influence in the region, it is currently divided in many clans, some independent, some other the influence of other Titans, including Erebus. They sometimes wage internal wars against each other, but conflicts have never escalated : there is often more to gain through commerce than conquest.

Vitala is the sole abode of the Gods in Patala. Ruled by Hara-Bhava, a former Godborn of Shiva, it ressembles a fortified city carved in the rock itself, with an underground river gently passing through. It is largely populated by mythborns and even souls who managed to avoid Sheol through the reincarnation process of the Hindu Gods. Hara-Bhava is a kind lord to all its people, able to produce the Hataka Gold, a luminescent form of gold that covers most of the city. It is now currently under siege by the forces of Erlik, but Patala being uncontrollable and overall a logistical nightmare, Gods prefer sending forces to more accessible places.

The Fossilized Caves are an old part of the World who fell into Patala long ago, when the World was populated by dinosaurs and not even the Primarchs were to be seen. The caves are extremely large, sometimes (but not always) dimly lit by a luminescent cristals and ambers. Fauna and flora come from another age, even older than the Primarchs or even Legend. It is populated by wild beasts and mythborn clans who study the most primitive forms of Legend, including dinosaur Therianthropy. One could potentially join Terra through this realm.

Rasatala is the region of Patala closest to Sheol and the Endless Sewer. Filled with the destructive forces of both Erlik and Crom Cruach, Rasatala is pitch black battle ground of holes and caves, filled by toxic moss, poisonous mushroom spores and the most destructive of diseases. It is considered the wildest and most dangerous part of Patala.

Naga-Loka is the deepest region of Patala, where underground lakes become bottomless abyss and the pressure of the earth and water in unbearable. This region is unilaterally controlled by Abzu's forces and links to the depths of Oceanus. Not much is known about this part of Patala, except that there lies the lost city of Atlantis, and the promise of its Orichalcum, bringing many to try their luck to reach it… With extremely limited results at best.

Internal Politics and Culture

To foreign eyes, Patala is a chaotic mess, every being seeming to struggle for their survival. But the Realm of Primordial Underneath is actually very well organized, by Nature if not by any form of governance.

Erebus and Erlik both hold the upper ground - not literally of course - over the realm and are its unofficial rulers. Their respective realms are linked to every other Avatar's, even to the great Abzu's. Their combined influences, reaching every cavern or hole, ensure Patala's very integrity as they both represent the core concepts of the nature of what lies below. As such, they come at odds quite often with Dis Pater, as the Titan of Riches is now used to build illuminated underground cities for his population to grow and, worst of all, illuminates the mines he digs. Both behaviors are above Erebus and Erlik's heads…

Dis Pater capital
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Dis Pater found his home in this Titanrealm a few millennia ago and is now thriving to exploit its resources. He holds many outposts, entire cities built and carved within the walls of the caverns he colonized in the United Subterranean Nations. His only serious threat is Crom Cruach, the Lurking Death. He and his fomorians wander in Patala, decaying and killing everything they come close to. Crom Cruach does not have a realm of his own per say, as he and his spawns are rather nomads. Deadly nomads. However, in his following his destructive impulses, the Great Python's forces are spread between Patala, Terra and Sheol, meaning Dis Pater has been able to hold his ground for now.

Despite being extremely powerful, Abzu is not interested in ruling, expanding or destroying - and that is the main reason Erebus and Erlik remain in control of most of Patala.

Relations and Links

Patala has many neighbours in the Overworld. It shares a border with Sheol through Crom Cruach, Oceanus through Abzu, Nyx through Erebus and Terra through Crom Cruach and Dis Pater.

Gods Presence

Vitala is the main city of the Gods in the realm. However, currently under siege, it has been pretty much cut from the rest of the Overworld, though some say Shiva is currently hatching a plan to save his son.
Dis Pater being allied with the Gods, his outposts are friendly lands for any deity visiting the Titan or in need of his services. From there, the Gods can travel throughout the whole Titanrealm, if they can brave the dangers that lurk beyond the relative safety of the Titan of Riches' realm.
Patala remains a hostile, chaotic realm, it has pushed back every attempt the Gods have made to encroach upon it. The closest divine presence are the Gods' Underworlds, close to the Depths inside the Titanrealm of Death. In particular, Hades and Osiris have audaciously expanded into Patala, explaining some of their incredible wealth, while some say Veles knows secret entrances into the realm and might even be welcome there.


Notable Titanspawns