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Art by angel5art

Pazuzu is a minor Avatar of Sky as Wind, living in the Wind Layer of Amaunet. Extremely old, some say he was there when Ouranos became a Titan. Wherever he comes from, Pazuzu is the leader of the Council of the Thirteen Winds, who rules over the Wind Layer.

Pazuzu is a diplomat who wants everything to keep flowing like air. He despises immobility and is working against Shu (though he cannot hold a candle to him in terms of raw power). Furthermore, the instability of Huracan scares him : he prefer winds to follow natural path without them causing destruction or canceling each other out.

Therefore, he allows the travel of many titanic beings or mythborn allied to their cause, creating business and political alliances while maintaining unity in the Council (the winds can be quite capricious by nature). With so many opponents within his own realm, Pazuzu has chosen to make the Wind Layer a crossroad for Titanic forces, a crossroad that no other Avatar of Amaunet can manage but many need. Gods are well aware of that fact, but every attempt to capture or subdue the minor Avatar has failed… The old bird is cunning and mischievous despite his feral appearance… He prefers to talk things out, and many Godborn assassins sent to kill him have switched sides, effectively securing the winds of Amaunet.