Daughter of Zeus and Demeter, Persephone took a lot from both of her parents. From Demeter, she took an affinity for the seasons and the crops of the World. From Zeus, she took a fierce sense of ambition and political accumen. This is what first piqued the interest of Hades, who saw in her the reflection of his own personality.
The two fell in love in secret, Hades finding it difficult to expose the weakness of love, but eventually the two could not keep apart any longer, and Persephone joined Hades into the Underworld, to rule as his Queen.

This did not go along well with Demeter, a long-standing critic of the taciturn and materialistic Hades, who went to the Gods to demand her return. The might of Demeter, and her control over the World's crops, forced Zeus' hand, who had to go through Dis Pater to ensure a mediation. Since then, Persephone lives half her life with her mother and the other with her husband, a situation she finds unsatisfactory, but necessary.