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Slavic God of Sky, Lightning and Thunder, son of Rod and married to his his sister-wife Dodola, Perun is probably the most powerful God of the Bogi Lyudei.

White-haired, blue-skinned and wearing a shiny golden armor, his appearance can frighten most. Like his Northern counterpart Thor, Perun is a warm-hearted deity although he does not share the taste for combat of his Norse friend. Warrior he is most certainly, an extremely skilled one, but he is an idealistic benevolent first and will only use his strength when absolutely needed.

When his owns are not in danger, he is usually resting in his sky palace floating above Mount Kriváň, going out only to meet with his mortal affairs or when his rival and sworn enemy Veles, God of Earth and Underworld, is up to something. The legends often tell Perun punishes Veles for his deeds by striking the earth with his lightning, making Veles crawl back underground or take the shape of a human to escape the wrath of his step-brother.
That makes of Perun quite a singular figure among his brethren: all of them are nomads and enjoy their way of life, which gives them the freedom to take care of humanity without the constraint of having to manage an entire Godrealm.

He is the father of the twins Jarilo and Morana and not what one could call a faithful husband. Inspired by his friends from other pantheons, Perun had many affairs with mortal women, to the damn of his wife.

Like him, his Godborns are fierce and benevolent at the same time. All possess a great strength, physical or mental or both, and are driven to protect their kind and show restraint in the use of their gifts. Usually impervious to corruption, they are eager to display their altruistic ideals and can often be found in jobs such as body guard, physician, nurse, deputy or senator.

Associated Powers

Sky - Tempest
Water - Healing
Fire - Strife
Epic Strength
Water - Raging Sea
Sky - Destruction
Depths - Abundance
World - Expanse

Associated Abilities