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Among all the Gods of the Sea, Poseidon is the most powerful. Friend with the mighty Titan Yam, from whom he was earned his powerful Trident, Poseidon rules the seas and oceans, with his realm deep within Oceanus, far from the politics of Olympus.

His realm is almost a Pantheon to itself in terms of independence, as far beneath the sea his progeny numbers in the thousands, with various minor Gods rule individual cities under the sea. His plentiful progeny has led him to be at the center of a web of alliances throughout the Mythborn and Titan realms, from the Dragons of the Jade Sea to the lands of Terra. Few among the Gods are as attuned to the natural power of the elements as Poseidon, and some worry he might be too close to the Titans. These critics are rarely said aloud, but nevertheless Poseidon is careful to show the image of a God respecting the elements, but ruling them nonetheless. The sea is not subjected to Poseidon as a slave to a master, but as a mount to a caring rider. Together, Poseidon and the Sea are unstoppable, which worries Zeus - if his brother ever gets ambitions, the Theoi could be ripped apart. It is often forgotten that Poseidon was the first born of Kronus, himself the first born of Ouranos. The natural heir of the greatest lineage in Creation's position far from the centers of power is surprising, to say the least.

But Zeus has little to worry about. Poseidon is perfectly happy in his current station, surrounded by his loving family and many friends. The gentleman farmer, deep under the sea, tending to his horses and domain, desires nothing more than the respect of his realm.

Which humans seem to be intend on going against. The destruction of the World's oceans by the human population is not sitting well with Poseidon, and he intends to reassert the power of the seas. The earthquakes, tempests and tsunamis the World experiences are often a warning for Poseidon - warning that is most often unheeded.

Poseidon's Godborn are passionate, but unambitious. They care for nature, and are often friends with Mythborn above other humans. They can be environmentalists, oil magnates, or small-town fishermen.

Associated Powers

Water - Raging Sea
Mentalism - Soothe
Water - Life
Sky - Tempest
Sky - Peace
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Death - Destruction
Chwal - Puppeteer

Associated Abilities