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Prometheus, the Titan of Fire as Invention, is a living paradox. Former God of the Theoi, his main concern has always been humanity's well-being and his work has no limits but his imagination's.

Prometheus thrives of evolution through invention, a rather uncommon behavior among his titanic brethren. Titans are known to be stuck in their nature, leaving close to no space for changes whatsoever. Prometheus does not infringe this law of the Universe, but his nature is to go forward whatever the cost might be and invent new ways to improve his own life or the one of his brethren. Through invention, Prometheus learns from his mistakes and improves himself, which brings more and more change at every step. He is also a talented user of Wyrdseeing, which he uses to always keep an eye on the road ahead.
Prometheus was among the first generation of the Theoi and became a Titan after the Second Titanomachy. Close friend of both Kronus and Zeus, Prometheus could not choose a side in the Titanomachy to come and escaped the horrors of the War. Kronus locked away in Tartarus and Zeus having taken over Olympus, Prometheus expected to be able to return to his duty towards his beloved humans. But Zeus' esteem towards Prometheus diminished because of the latter's choice not to pick sides in the War. Deeming the God of Fire as a coward, Zeus decided to ask for animal sacrifices to humans and ask them to burn the edible parts, as punishment for Prometheus. But the Titan of Invention had several tricks up his sleeve and tricked Zeus by teaching humans how to hide edible parts in the beast's stomach and burn the bones wrapped into greasy parts.

Insulted by this behavior, Zeus decided to steal fire from mankind, which led Prometheus to heist Olympus' vaults and bring fire back to humanity and teach them the art of crafting and metal working, knowledge that would bring mankind to enter the era of civilization…and Prometheus knew it. This act bonded him permanently to Muspelheim. But before he could escape the World and flee to his new home, Zeus caught him and chained him up to Mount Caucasus, where he would visit him as an eagle and eat his liver every single day. For centuries Prometheus stayed prisoner on the World, having to suffer excruciating pain daily. Until he was freed by Herakles, son of Zeus. As a reward for the Godborn, Prometheus propagandized Herakles' future endeavors and left to Muspelheim.

Since that day, Prometheus swore to take down Olympus, convinced the very existence of the Theoi is a threat to humanity, and is building all his plans toward this goal, even building alliances with Surtr who he despises deeply, making both of them sworn enemies of both Asgard and Olympus. Zeus, believing the prophecy according to which he would be defeated by his own child (including possible his child Herakles' mercy towards Prometheus), takes this threat very seriously and allocates a tremendous amount of resources to take down the Titan.