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Art by Vodalizarin

Ptah is the Egyptian God of Artistry and, as a son of Atum Re, amongst the eldest deities of the Neter and married to the War Goddess Sekhmet.

As a creative and free God, Ptah has no defined form and decides which one to take on the spot.

Ptah is the embodiment of creativity originating from freedom. His inventions come from his wandering mind. He is often seen walking among humans as a slender figure, asking questions about the latest technological progress and always amazed of human ingenuity. He also spends a lot of time in Dis Pater's realm, to discuss with him new designs and to use his forges to create new tools. He also ventures in Aztec lands where he has a few contacts with Xipe Totec, both being fascinated by the understanding of human nature but with different approaches. Ptah is always eager to exchange knowledge and views with the Aztec God.

Ptah is the only God of Neter who doesn't find any interest in the divine geopolitics. Humans see him as a Muse, and as such his body like his mind cannot be bound to the sole task of battling over petty matters and welcomes every idea, no matter of its origin. However, when the time comes to fight Titans, Ptah is always keen to make use of his latest inventions, often inspired from human designs.

Most deities are baffled by his marriage with Sekhmet, wondering how two personnalities so different from each other could end up together. But Ptah has a profound respect for his wife's energy. He envies the way she can implicate herself and defend what she cares about.

Like their father, Ptah's children are driven solely by the desire of creation, invention and imagination. And they excel in their respective fields, sometimes so much they are considered as weird beings. They are mathematicians, successful writers, engineers, painters or musicians.

Associated Powers

Fire - Invention
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Light - Illumination
Order - Knowledge
Runic Druid
Order - Self-Control

Associated Abilities

First Aid