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Quetzacoatl, the Hero, Quetzacoatl, Humanity's Savior.
Godborn of the deceased Mixcoatl, twin brother of Xolotl, Quetzacoatl was a hero to the people, who allied himself with the Coatl mythborns in order to protect the mesoamerican people from the wrath of Titans.
Now the Aztec God of Wind and Learning, he wears around his neck the "Wind Breastplate*" Ehecailacocozcatl and "the Spirally voluted Wind Jewel" made out of a conch shell. These artifacts allow him to control dust devils and harness Huracan's tempests.

When the God of the Dead Miclántecuhtli found Primarch bones buried deep in the Underworld, Quetzalcoatl saw an opportunity to heal the World who had suffered a great deal after the Second Titanomachy. By using the bones, he hoped to create a new kind of Godborn to lead humanity to a brighter tomorrow. However, the bones were shattered when he tried to steal them… Bringing them to the other Cardinal Gods, Quetzalcoátl did the next best thing : he founded the Tlamacazqui.

Quetzacoatl is the Patron of Merchants, Crafts and Knowledge. He is a true protector of humanity and truly keeps in mind what, to him, is the only role of the Gods : protecting the World and its inhabitants from the Titans. Politics do not interest him, people do. Great friend to the Coatl, they have a win-win relationship : he protects them from the fury of glory-hungry Godborns wanting to tackle Dragons, and he has them as agents in many realms.

After the betrayal of his father (and his death by the hand of his uncle Huitzilopochtli), Quetzacoatl became the new Lord of the West. He is often at odds with Tezcatlipoca, who always wanted to prevent his endeavours: their views on the World could not be more opposite. However, Xipe Totec's unsettling mediating tactics and Huitzilopochtli's strong leadership mean that the Teotl remain united and are not dragged into a civil war. However, with the fight against the Titans pressing, tensions are rising…

Quetzacoatl is the most compassionate God of the Teotl. He dislikes using Hematurgy, preferring powers closer to the World he loves (like Augury or Druidism).

When he visits the World, he always brings knowledge and empowerment to humans as a brilliant doctor, a compassionate scientist or a wise entrepreneur. He takes his role of humanity's guardian seriously and his progeny is just as inclined to make civilization flourish through happiness and wisdom.

Now that the Titans are back, Quetzacoatl has sired many Godborns, hoping that they will protect the World from harm. They live in the moment and dive into the action – they are the eye of the storm. They enjoy drama, passion, and pleasure, not for emotional thrills, but because it’s so stimulating to their logical minds. And their logic is to protect, nurture and guide… Even those who don't want to be…

Associated Powers

Chwal - Puppeteer
Light - Illumination
Light - Brightness
Night - Stars
Tai Yi - Nature
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities