In November 1973, a group of Godborns assembled by their Godly Parents met in the Brick Road, a small pub near Glasgow, Scotland. In this group, Lyra Dalton , Godborn of Hermes, Raymond "Oroboros" Stodar, Godborn of Heimdall, Rain, Godborn of Osiris, Khepri, Godborn of Sekhmet, and Aeron Rhod, reluctant Godborn of Ogma.

These Godborns were assembled by a Celtic Godborn, Bronn, who had sent out a call after the Tuatha Dé Danann, the Celtic Gods, had seemingly cut ties with the World. At the head of a small Resistance, Bronn hoped the other Pantheons would come to his aid to investigate the disappearance.

The Godborns quickly realized that a company called Sigrid Corp was harvesting magical landmarks of Scotland for an unknown purpose. Upon investigating, they were attacked by powerful undead Godborns, former heroes of the land, Cúchulainn and Robin Hood. This led them to a base of undead forces where they realized that the Souls of ancient Godborns had been ripped out of the Underworld of Tech Duinn and bound in servitude. Freeing the two held in the base, Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham, the Godborns were led by the grateful Robin Hood to his fabled base of Sherwood, deep in the Dark Forest, where they made the headquarters of their Resistance efforts.

The Godborns then encountered a group of Leprechauns, seemingly obsessed with a being named "The Great 'N'". tracking them down, they discovered that the creature was actually the Titanspawn Nessirabodia, held by the Gods. Allowing the creature to roam free while ensuring its obedience by holding on to its Soulgem, the Godborns grew their forces, with Treants, Druids, and Korrigans joining them. 

The Godborns discovered that the Eye of the Earth, the Axis Mundi to the Celtic Godrealm and Underworld, was being tempered with, and that the creatures responsible were Matrones, Titanspawn of the Titan of Sheol known as the Grim Reaper. These Matrones were using a mysterious artifact to redirect ley lines to the Axis Mundi. Uniting their forces, the Godborns readied themselves to reach the Axis Mundi, when they discovered that one of the Matrones, Irvinna, was moving a large army south. 

Marching their forces against them, a large battle ensued, at the end of which most of Bronn's comrades were dead and the Matrone forces were defeated, Irvinna's skull crushed by Khepri. The Godborns realized that a shapeshifting being which had seemed to be a servant of the Matrones was actually the servant of a being he called "Baal", which he was planning on freeing.

Reaching the fortress which housed the Eye of the Earth, the Godborns led their forces into an assault, where they freed the last of the Corrupted Godborns, killed the Matrone Skuld, and ended the ritual she was performing, which would have switched the Axis Mundi from the Celtic Godrealm to Baal's realm.

They then followed the true architect of the plan, Heliogabalus, Godborn of Baal, into the Underworld of Tech Duinn, in fear that he may have a backup plan. However, while they rushed through, Rain performed a secret ritual, instructed by her father, Osiris. The ritual locked away the Celtic Underworld from the rest of reality, except for the Egyptian forces which invaded immediately, claiming to be doing so "for the protection of the Souls".

Entering Tech Duinn, the Godborn found themselves in a clash between the Egyptian forces, the local Lords of Tech Duinn with various degrees of loyalty to The Morrigan, and Titanspawn eager to use the chaos to their advantage. Travelling to the realms of Midir and Uefh, they ended up finding their way to the misty realm of the Fey, where they had heard a mysterious portal was located that Heliogabalus was intent on using.

On their way, they met with Egyptian priests, who gave the band, because of their Egyptian members, a way to summon Anubis to Tech Duinn, only usable inside the Fey Lord Bile's fortress, as his mists were too strong for even Anubis to dispel.

The Godborn went through the mist using the unlikely aid of some Fomorians, and entered Teran's realm but were captured. They did manage to get an audience with Bile, which Lyra used to summon Anubis, destroying the biggest bastion of anti-Egyptian power in the realm.

Making a quick exit, the group found the portal they had followed Heliogabalus to, hidden far into the sky of the Underworld. Taking it, they found themselves in the ancient forgotten realm of Irkalla. There, they found, deep under the greatest mountain in the Realm, the ancient Primarch Nergal, who had been reduced to a husk of his former self in the War against the Great Adversary and whose nightmares now plagued [his realm. The Demigods were sent into the Primarch's nightmares, the fall of his consort Ereshkigal, and appeased him by reminding him of her willing sacrifice to hold back the Adversary. This allowed Nergal to start recovering - and start becoming interested in coming back to the World.

In thanks, Nergal gave them the location of his Library, the most ancient and complete library in existence. There, the Godborn found answers to their deepest questions - but also found a powerful Guardian, who they awoke from their greed. Fleeing the library, Lyra's ally Allen was destroyed by the Guardian.

The Godborn made their way to a place Nergal had told them about, the ancient ruins of a city, connected to Sumer, through which they made their way into Baal's realm. Once there, they managed to track down Heliogabalus, and attempt to escape through the very entrance he had opened back to the Eye of the Earth. However, they realized as they reached the portal that Baal was aware of their presence. Appearing to them, he decided to leave the decision of bringing him back to them, as he did not believe in forcing his return upon the World. He nevertheless demanded to hold his Godborn, and punished his alliance with the Matrones with death.

The Godborn went through the portal, and resolved to close it in the end. However, the closing of the Axis Mundi to Sumer required a Soul to sacrifice themselves. Raymond Stodar volunteered as his father Heimdall had promised him the armor he gifted him would protect him. This was however a lie, designed to have Stodar close the portal to create a Fatebinding ensuring the loyalty of the Celtic Gods in the upcoming War against the Titans. Baal was banished, the Tuatha returned, and Stodar died.