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Ominous prophecies and dreams had long foretold the downfall the Aesir. When the first of these prophesied events came to pass – the beloved God Baldur was killed by Loki and consigned to the Underworld – the Gods had to face the fact they could no longer escape their tragic destiny (even after the sacrifice of Nanna). They are preparing as well as they can. Odin takes a great deal of time and care selecting the ablest human warriors to join him in the final battle against the world-devouring giants. But, deep down, they know that all of their desperate actions are in vain. Only Odin has not given up hope. However, all Gods see Ragnarok as a reminder that no-one can defy Fate : it is unbreakable and inexorable, there is no going back.

Yggdrassil is fated to be destroyed, Fenrir freed and Loki on the side of the Titans. The far-seeing Heimdall, the watchman of the Gods’ fortress, Asgard, will be the first to spy a vast army of giants headed for the celestial stronghold. Among the gruesome mass was the Gods’ fickle friend, Loki, at the helm of the ship Naglfar (“Ship of the Dead”). Heimdall will sound his horn Gjallarhorn (“Resounding Horn”) to alert the Gods.

The Giants will set about destroying the abode of the Gods and the entire cosmos along with it. Fenrir, the Great Wolf, will run across the land with his lower jaw on the ground and his upper jaw in the sky, consuming everything in between. Even the sun itself will be dragged from its height and into the beast’s stomach.
Surtr, a Giant bearing a flaming sword, will sweep across the earth and left nothing but an inferno in his wake.

In all prophecies that ever described these events, the Gods fight valiantly to the end. Thor and the sea serpent Jormungand slay each other, as will Surtr and the God Freyr, and likewise Heimdall and Loki.
Odin and Tyr both fall to Fenrir (also called “Garmr” in some texts), who is then killed by Vidar, Odin’s son and avenger.

But this age of death and repose will not last forever. Soon the earth will once again raised from the ocean. Baldur will return from the Underworld, and the gladdened land becomes more lush and fruitful than it has even been since it was created the previous time. A new human pair, Lif and Lifthrasir will awake in the green World. Some say it means that Terra will absorb Asgard in the end… But none can say for sure…