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Raiden (also known as Raijin) is the Japanese God of Thunder and Lightning and a strange God.

When Izanagi and Izanami created Japan, mythborns quickly appeared and populated the islands, both in Takamagahara and the World. The being known as Kaminari-sama was a powerful being, using thunder and lighting to influence japanese weather. Originally member of the Oni, Raijin quickly climbed the power ladder using his eight powerful drums, conjuring thunder at each strike.

However, Raijin clearly showed its true power when a Mongol fleet set forth to invade japan. He bet Susano-o that he could clear the ennemies all on his own. If he won, he would become a God, if he lost, he would surrender his drums to the Amatsukami. Susano-o accepted, failing to see the true power of the Oni. Raiden conjured a powerful storm that drove the entire armada to the bottom of the ocean. The Godborn of Guan Yu leading the Mongol forces was a powerful being, but in a flash of lightning, he was sent straight to his Underworld. That is when Raijin became a God, revealing to everyone that he was not a simple mythborn, but the descendant of an unknown God. Though he was interrogated by many on the matter, Raiden has always stated (or feigned) ignorance, and Wyrdseers only seem confused at his patronage as he seems to have no father.

Red-skinned with sharp claws and a big belly, Raijin is a beast, both in appearance, behaviour and appetite. He is ugly, loud and kind of a pervert. He has a fetish for bellybuttons and always sent his pet, the Raiju (a wyrdborn at the time), to chase them. However, his servant had other plans and turned to Huracán to escape its pitiful condition. Though that betrayal did bother him, Raijin was mostly upset as he was no longer easily informed about exposed bellybuttons. However, when bare midriffs became fashionable, Raijin became more and more active in the world and spawned many Godborns.

Despite his lack of manners, the Amatsukami had no choice but to accept him as one of their own. He is an example, a reminder that one has to honor his words and not make rash bets. The god of thunder's power is not to be underestimated however and it is often Hachiman that calms him down before he goes too overboard. He has a good relationship with Dionysus and Thor, who he considers like brothers (although the feeling is not entirely reciprocal) since a party on Olympus that lasted 7 days straight and they were the only three that remained standing.

His progeny is not as scandalous as he is, but they can act like pigs. They are funny but perverted, loud but endearing, smart but shameless, powerful but ugly. They can be a computer technician, a frat boy inviting himself to parties, a perverted bouncer in a creepy club or a math teacher making the pretty girl of the class go up to the board. They are intelligent and close to the modern world, often adepts of technodruidism, and extremely resilient. They have surprising stamina and strength and can analyse a problem quickly… If one can get them to focus on other things than instant gratification.

Associated Powers

Water - Healing
Water - Raging Sea
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Sky - Tempest
Sky - Peace
Sky - Rain
World - Expanse

Associated Abilities

First Aid