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Art by denmanrooke

The Rakshasa are powerful Mythborn known for their savagery, especially towards the Gods and humans.

Originally created by Brahma, they rebelled and were banished. Their history in the centuries following were marred with bloodshed, war, and exile. The greatest of the Rakshasa Kings, Ravana, eventually led them to a conquest of Shambhala, and to a glorious rule where even the Deva would not be able to challenge their might, for fear of the great Ravana.

This was not to last however, as Vishnu, reincarnated in the mortal hero Rama, eventually felled Ravana and installed his less-bloodthirsty brother Vibhishana in his place. Under his leadership, and due to their rare martial prowess, the Rakshasa have been able to remain a prominent, if untrusted, force in Shambhala, and Vibhishana's reputation as a wise leader has even allowed them to have a significant voice in the Ruling Assembly. There are those however who feel he is attempting to pacify the true nature of the Rakshasa, and still only follow the memory of the glorious days under Ravana.