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Rarohenga is the Underworld and realm of the spirits of the Nga Tama a Rangi under the rule of Hine-nui-te-po.

The underworld looks like an large underground island filled with colorful bioluminescent flora and fauna, where the souls of all of the Pacific come to join in a splendid village. Hine-nui-te-po builds small bodies out of coconut shells for them : it act as an anchor in which they feel a simulacrum of life. Souls feel hunger, the need to sleep, even muscle pain. However, these clay bodies, covered in moon-associated runic tattoos, are only able to function within the gentle lights of Rarohenga. If those bodies are destroyed, the soul returns to the palace of Hine-nui-te-po to wait for a new body.
The existence of these souls is tough but never unfair. Rarohenga allows them to thrive relatively peacefully, protected by Hine-nui-te-po and her servants. Rarohenga is populated by a large community of mythborns called the Patupaiarehe. They are pale spirit beings who sometimes leave their home to mess with humans in deep forests and mountaintops. However, they can guide them and help them, even teaching them.

In ancient times, the Godborn of Tūmatauenga Mataora followed four spirits to the house of the four winds, in the Rarohenga. There, Mataora learned the power of Runic Tattoos from an ancient scroll kept by the spirit and brought it back to the World for all to use.

Rarohenga is one of the rare Underworld with other links than Sheol, Patala and the World. Through the House of the Four Winds, one could reach the Wind Layer of Amaunet and the sea around the island can bring someone to Oceanus. This makes the Maori underworld a key piece of the upcoming Overworld War, but Hine-nui-te-po maintains enough political alliances with her husband Ruaumoko to keep it safe. However, they fear the return of Whiro (also known as Camazotz) and the Underworld is now preparing for war.