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Maori God of Stars, Rehua is the second eldest son of Ranguini and Papatuanuku, after only Kronus himself. When the Earth and the Sky were finally separated, Rehua changed into a bird and flew above his own father, to the realm of Nut, in order to watch over the World from over the night sky and meditate. Distant and secluded, Rehua is a contemplating God, associated with the inaccessibility of the divine. Once visited by his brother Tane Mahuta, he cooked birds that fed on the lice of his hair. As Rehua is so hallowed, Tane respectfully declined to even eat the birds. However Rehua gave him birds to bring down to this world, and showed him how to help them create nests out of his trees. Watching the world from above with his bird servants, he created the stars to guide all living things when the darkness of the night descends on the world.

As the most remote God of the Nga Tama a Rangi, Rehua remains highly respected for his ability to see the big picture, something that his more down to earth brothers sometimes lack. Far from the conflict of Tūmatauenga and Tawhirimatea, his actual strength is unknown. However, since the dangerous Huracán is his offspring and his son Maui became one of the major figures of the pantheon, some theorize that the Star God might be a lot more powerful that he cares to show. His aspect is almost alien, but never threatening, always observing, contemplating and meditating.

The Godborns of Rehua are rare as he only bothers to visit the world when the big picture needs to be changed. However, as Maui can attest, their behavior is quite heterogeneous from one Godborn to another. Always associated with birds, Godborns of Rehua always announce a great change, a shifting of the stars and the direction the world takes. However, this shifting might include their sacrifice… A price that does not burden the sacred Star God, calmly sitting on the star known as Antares, in the highest of the heavens.

Associated Powers

Night - Stars
Green Druid
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Epic Senses
Sky - Peace
World - Expanse
Night - Moon

Associated Abilities

First Aid