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Rongo is the God of Cultivated Food. Because of their tropical origin, agriculture was extremely hard for the Maoris. Hence the importance of Rongo. With his brothers, he separated the primordial parents Rangi and Papa to allow daylight into the world. Tawhirimatea, the God of Storms, did not consent to this plan and afterwards attacked his brothers with unrelenting fury. Rongo and Haumia-Tiketike, the God of Wild Food, took refuge in the body of Papa, Mother Earth, who hid them until the storm passed.

Rongo is the creator of the kūmara, a plant associated with peace (because the intense cultivation it needed was best performed in times of peace). Rongo is probably one of the maori gods whose role has evolved the most in the recent years, expanding his interest to all kinds of culture. He uses the scattered geography of the Pacific to generate cultural and sociological experiments in order to expand his appetite for ideas and concepts. One of his most successful (to him anyway) is the Cook Island, where the Mangaian society devoted human sacrifices to him in his temple of Orongo. As a God of Peace, Fertility and Culture, Rongo is at rivalry with other intellectual gods, always rooting for alternatives to western culture.

Interested in arts (even martial arts), sociology and ethnology, Rongo is an idealistic God who encourages debate and dialog, but is more than capable of using very efficient non-lethal forms of combat. As a God of Peace, he has a complementary approach to his more belligerent brother Tūmatauenga : they both agree in protecting humans and making them flourish, Rongo from within and Tu by expansion.

When he walks the earth, Rongo often takes the form of a old aged man who's surprisingly knowledgeable despite a rough appearance. Him and his children can pass as a social worker, a historian specialized in ancient cultures, a meditation garden caretaker or a negotiator… Sometimes all of them at the same time ! Incredibly skilled, Rongo's Godborn are often a bit off in their thinking, always eager to try new things, learn and share it with humans, or anyone else for that matter.

Associated Powers

Epic Senses
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Puppeteer
World - Life
Depths - Abundance
Night - Moon

Associated Abilities

First Aid