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Rūaumoko (also known as Rūamoko) is the God of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Seasons. He is the youngest son of Ranginui and Papatūānuku. After Rangi and Papa were separated by their sons, Rangi cried, and his tears flooded the land. To stop this, the sons decided to turn Papa face down, so Rangi and Papa could no longer see each other's sorrow. To keep her mother company and lessen her mourning, Ruaumoko decided to remain close to her when this happened, so he was carried into the world below.

As the youngest of the original brotherhood, Ruaumoko is always treated with care by his brothers. Far from being immature, Ruaumoko has the softest heart and is the most loving god of the pantheon. That does not mean that he is weak however. His movements awake volcanoes and his earthquakes initiate the changing of the seasons. He is the god of warmth in all its form and it is almost impossible to hate him. As the new husband of Hine-nui-te-po, Ruaumoko decided to make peace with Tane Mahuta by making the lava of his volcanoes the most fertile of lands in order for his brother's trees to grow strong and tall.

Ruaumoko has a lot of allies on the side of the Gods, notably Xiuhtecuhtli in Muspelheim, Oberon in Fairie and Dis Pater in Patala, and often travels or hosts simple and warm dinners in order to keep those relations vibrant. These, however, are not strategic moves as the god of the underground truly enjoys the company of anyone. And this transparence is so refreshing in an Overworld full of intrigue that Ruaumoko is quite influential : his intimate dinner parties, held with his wife Hine-nui-te-po, are as renowned as the banquets of Olympus.

When he travels the world, Ruaumoko is always in a position where his kindness and warmth are his best allies. As a specialist in the elderly, a cave guide, a volcanology teacher or a party planner, Ruaumoko aims to please, never lies (except to organize surprises) and always smiles. His rare progeny (he does not enjoy cheating on his wife) is just as inclined to be genuinely kind and nice. But like their father, they have the tremendous powers of lava and earthquakes at their disposals, and will not hesitate to use it if they've been betrayed or taken advantage of.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Fire - Life
Green Druid
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Spiritwalking - Chwal: Rider
Fire - Strife
Depths - Abundance
World - Life
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities

First Aid