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Ryujin (or Ryojin) is the Dragon-God of the Sea. A mythborn cannot become a God unless he is of divine ascendance and Ryujin is no exception. Ryujin is the son of Susano-o and a powerful female dragon who died during the Second Titanomachy.

As the son of the God of the Sea, he inherited part of his responsibility, his father controlling the surface, the shores and the tempest above, while he took care of the regulation of tides, the underwater depth and its inhabitants.
Like his father, Ryujin is hot-headed. His dragon lineage makes him arrogant, even for a God, and he is stubborn to a fault. He is one of the only Gods not residing in the Overworld, prefering a palace of white and red coral in the Jade Sea. He remains loyal to the Amatsukami, and even contributed to its imperial family through the tale of his Godborn Otohime, who became the grandmother of the first Emperor of Japan.

Ryujin has a close relationship with mythborns. Though he is now a full-fledged God, he remains in the territory of Dragons and tries to rally them to the cause of the Amatsukami. The Jade Sea is currently struggling to keep divine influence at bay and therefore his influence is limited. However, Ryujin remains a powerful ally to the cause of the Gods and is often the intermediary between the Overworld and the Jade Sea. This unique positionning makes him valuable to Amaterasu's political game and so his will to separate himself from the divine court is accepted.

Residing in an Otherworld, Ryujin is closer to the World that most Gods and used the opportunity to sire quite a few Godborns. His progeny often inherits his relentless temper and pride, but also his vast powers over water and abyss. As a talented and cold hit-man, a researcher in tidal power or yakuza enforcer, Ryujin's Godborn are not concerned with "conventional" moral or ethics and help others free themselves from these "shackles". They do, however, understand respect, but only respect power. Like their father, they enjoy luxury but do not seek it (at least not as their only priority). They know what they are worth, are extremely competent and proud in the area they chose : after all, they are the sons and daughters of a dragon made God… Who can truly compete with that ?

Associated Powers

Chwal - Puppeteer
Water - Healing
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Water - Raging Sea
Depths - Abyss
Water - Life

Associated Abilities

First Aid