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Part of the trinity of chief Deva Goddesses alongside Lakshmi and Parvati, Sarasvati is the wife of Brahma and the Goddess of Arts, Music, and Learning. Despite the age of the Pantheon, Sarasvati has always remained in the same position - never on the forefront of the Pantheon, but never far from it, either.

Goddess of Purity and Purification through self-examination and self-reflection, Sarasvati sees power as coming from within. She does not inspire her followers to greatness, but drives them to seek self-improvement so that they become able to inspire themselves to reach new heights.

Seated on a white lotus, surrounded by swans and peacocks, to understand Sarasvati is the understand the greatest realities of the Universe, to be part of the Song of Creation resonating in all time and space as one. She loves nothing more than someone finding their way to that wisdom and understanding on their own, through their own journey and experience, and every new rishi (Hindu Sage) who finds their way to her weeps with happiness at the welcome they receive in Sarasvati's home.

When traveling through the World looking for people to guide, Sarasvati has disguised herself as a beacon others want to emulate. Bollywood actress, inspiring NGO spokeswoman, or genius painter. Whatever the form, she is surrounded by those who want to reach her levels of talent, and is a patient and understanding mentor.

Her Godborns are just as creative and willing to share in their inspiration and genius. They are not loud or boisterous, instead letting their work and warm smile convey their message. They can have a hard time expressing themselves without the medium of Art and Creativity, as compared to the beauty of Art, normal speech can seem crude, base, even dirty.

Associated Powers

Fire - Invention
Water - Healing
Fire - Life
Light - Illumination
Fey Sorcery - Summer

Associated Abilities

First Aid